Citroen Traction

Paris, France

Citroen Traction 11 BN (Familiale)

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A French “familiale” 11 F 1954, 6 windows, 9 seats

4-door body, as an extended length Familiale, Family model with three rows of seats, seating 9 adults.

Citroën Traction Avant|
Also called
Citroën 7CV
Citroën 11CV
Citroën 15CV

Citroën Light 15 (UK)
Citroën Big Fifteen (UK)
Citroën Big Six (UK)

Production 7 CV 1934–1941
11CV 1934–1957
15CV 1938–1953

Over 7 Seater, Petrol,


Traction 11 BN (Familiale)